Making An Impact

We are on a mission to improve mental wellness at work. Our prevention strategy is having an impact on workplaces in the UK and abroad! Here is how we are making a difference.

Consultants are talking at Charlton Morris

Since the launch of their mental health campaign in April 2019 Charlton Morris, a specialist recruitment company, has seen some noticeable improvements.  The mental health training and support service provided to staff by Uplift has encouraged employees to open up. Over a third of their staff have accessed Wellness Chats and/or the counselling support in this last year.

Managers and employees alike are better able to spot mental health issues in themselves or others, encourage early intervention and obtain support when needed.

This mental health strategy got Charlton Morris short listed (top 4) for ‘Best Mental Wellbeing Strategy for fewer than 1,000 employees’ at the REBA Employee Wellbeing Awards 2020.

Supporting Channel Capital's remote workers

Uplift Mental Health has been selected to train and support the employees of Channel Capital, a working capital finance solutions provider, and its partner Togather Finance in the Netherlands.

During the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Uplift facilitated workshops to enable employees to share their frustrations, support one another, explore solutions and identify opportunities for self-care.  This virtual training is being delivered using Zoom video conference to provide participants with the opportunity to see and support one another -helping to build stronger team bonds and increase mental wellness.

Partnering with C&C Healthcare

C&C Healthcare are an insurance broker specialising in protection and health & wellbeing products for corporate clients and individuals in the UK. They have selected Uplift Mental Health as their chosen provider of mental health training, advice and support services.

Together, we are enhancing the health & wellbeing of customers throughout the UK.

Impact on Pivot

It’s been a great experience working with Uplift Mental Health to establish how best we can promote positive mental health within our workplace and support employees effectively.

Uplift have used their wealth of knowledge and experience in the area to great effect coming up with initiatives and practices that work for us, resulting in employees having greater self-awareness of mental health and development of mental health management techniques.Overall employees feel a lot more comfortable talking about their mental health and reaching out to Uplift Mental Health for additional support should they need to; all of which is invaluable and has had a positive impact across the business.

Karandeep Sohel
Director, Pivot

Training Feedback

The Line Manager training gave me great insight and detailed information. Now I feel more equipped to deal with any employee issue. The information provided gives us the tools needed. Thank you!

Manager (anonymous feedback)

I thought the training on stress and anxiety was really good and insightful. I have learnt some great techniques and ideas in coping with stress.

Employee (anonymous feedback)

A really positive presentation on Managing Mental Health. Prompted me to think about taking a step back and understanding my emotions better.

Employee (anonymous feedback)

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