Support for individuals, the self-employed & employees

Providing a flexible and tailored approach whatever your need or objective.

My services 

From counselling to personal development, I provide each individual with the support and tools they need to expand to their next level.

  • Video-calls from the comfort of home or office

  • Flexible times

  • Private and Confidential

  • Focus on personal aims



Counselling (block of sessions)

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The purpose of counselling is to help you bring about some desired improvement or change.  It entails introspection work:  objectively analysing and your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, somatic feelings and behaviour. 

My role as counsellor is to provide you with supportive relationship and environment and to guide you to a greater understanding of yourself and your issue, so you can make the adjustments you need to feel more empowered. 

Counselling requires at least one block of 6 hour-long sessions, though depending on one’s issue may require more. 

Please contact me to arrange an intro call and explore how many sessions you may need.

Wellness Talk (as and when)

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Wellness Talks are either 30 mins or 1-hour long sessions with me, a counsellor, as and when you need them.

Ideal for those times when you feel overwhelmed by a life challange and need someone to help you put things in perspective. 

Like counselling, Wellness Talks entail an introspective approach and are short-term and solution focused.  



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Mentoring focuses on personal growth rather than working through a particular issue.  It entails using one’s current life experiences as a training ground for learning and testing new perspectives, skills, beliefs and behaviours.

As your mentor, I will provide a safe relationship and environment that fosters self-confidence and calculated risk taking.  My aim is to help you expand based on your goals and desires.

Sessions are 1 hour long. I recommend an introduction call to ensure I am the right mentor for you.

Wellbeing Webinars

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I continue to provide webinars to employees of organisations on a number of mental-health related topics such as:

  • managing mental health symptoms arising from neurodiversity 
  • bereavement
  • suicide prevention and intervention 
  • anxiety management
  • stress management
  • improving self-talk
  • and any other topic of interest 

All my webinars are based on established psychological principles, evidence-based research and my own training and experience.

I use an interactive and facilitative presentation style that aims to draw on the existing knowledge and experience of delegates whilst building on their knowledge.

I am able to deliver in person within commute from Leeds, England.  Please contact me to discuss your organisation’s needs. 

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