Workplace mental health services to help your employees and business flourish

At Uplift, we understand that your employees are your greatest asset and looking after their mental and emotional wellbeing means investing in the future of your company.

A collaborative approach

Empowering workplaces so everyone thrives.

We provide specialist mental health consultancy, prevention strategies and early intervention support designed around the unique needs of your organisation.  Our services are designed to be integrated with other wellbeing services to provide a comprehensive and robust employee wellbeing strategy. 

Uplift Mental Health can help with the following

prevent mental ill health

retain valuable staff



Reduce recovery time through early identification and signposting






Prevention is at the core of our mental health service

Our mental health strategy is based on the understanding that many mental health issues can be prevented through education, early identification and timely action.   

Our facilitative style of training engages employees and enables them to build on their existing knowledge around stress management and self-care. This is the first step to normalising mental health issues at work.  It also encourages employees to open up, foster empathy and create a supportive culture.


We also provide employees with the opportunity to have Wellness Chats with a trained mental health professional. These are face to face conversations (in person or by video) with a friendly counsellor who is able to support, guide or signpost employees to receive the right level information or support.

Our approach to improving workplace mental health works! To find out how, click here.


Due to stress, depression or anxiety in the workplace.


of the uk workforce

Have been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition 


increased performance 

When an organisation has established psychological safety at work. 


On mental health issues related to the workplace. 

Designed around employer and employee needs.

Uplift’s mental health strategy has resulted from numerous conversations with company directors, people/HR managers, line managers and employees about what workplaces want and need when it comes to mental health support. What we discovered is that…

Employers want

  • Clarity around best practice
  • Clear guidance on legal responsibilities
  • A full and streamlined service
  • Experienced mental health professionals
  • A bespoke, personal service
  • A service valued by employees

Employees want

  • Confidentiality
  • A support service with a friendly and familiar face
  • A ‘safe space’ for wellness chats/counselling
  • Practical advice on how to manage mental health
  • Resources to support mental wellness
  • To feel valued by their employers


"Following the announcement of a substantial restructuring of our company that resulted in the majority of our employees being made redundant over a six-month period, Jaimie provided us with a series of individual Counselling sessions for affected employees. The sessions were conducted professionally, sympathetically and provided employees with useful techniques and guidance to assist them through the changes that such circumstances entail. I have no hesitation in recommending Jaimie’s support to other companies who may wish to engage with Occupational Health services to provide employee support throughout difficult circumstances."

Steve Cummins – Managing Director

"Jaimie has conducted several training sessions at Charlton Morris and has assisted our teams with several areas of mental health. We’ve received fantastic feedback from our employees, especially on a recent workshop Jaimie led -Stress & anxiety management. Jaimie has also provided our line managers with specific training on how to identify and assist employees with mental health issues. I can’t recommend Jaimie enough!."

Jamie Sheard – Training Manager

"A year ago this December, inwrought with anxiety, I made a phone call to a lady I was told by a co-worker, works miracles when it comes to mental health. ‘You’ll have a whole new lease of life after seeing Jaimie,’ was the advice. I have learned many things from my sessions with Jaimie. There have been some truly powerful ‘AH-HAA’ moments in my sessions which have contributed to my growth hugely and I will always be grateful to Jaimie for them."

MV – Employee

Live, interactive online training and support

Given the current climate, workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives are more important than ever. That is why we have decided to provide our consultancy, training and Wellness chats using Zoom or MS Teams.  

This feature enables us to reach all of your employees working remotely and in multiple locations across the UK and around the world. We are adapting to meet your needs.  And we are committed to supporting your workforce every step of the way! 


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