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Annual Wellness Programmes

Ad-hoc Training, Guidance and Wellness Chats

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Mental Wellness Programmes

If you recognise the benefits of mental health education & support and are committed to developing a culture of wellbeing, then our Annual Programmes are designed for you.

• Easy to implement
• Tailored to your size, needs and budget
• End of year review and report

Our programmes include Manager & HR support and Wellness Chats as standard.  They also include a combination of wellbeing webinars, workshops and/or trainings.

Ad-hoc Services

If you are trying mental health services for the first time, then our pick and mix option may suit you best.


Manager Training

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Our manager training is designed to build knowledge about mental health and legal responsibilities as well as examine the important role of the line manager in identifying, managing and approaching employees about work-related stress, personal issues or supporting employees with longer-term mental health conditions.   

This is a 3-hour training delivered as a webinar or at your premises.  It includes a wealth of resources and access to the Manager & HR Support line for up to 1 month after the training.

Manager & HR Support

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We provide telephone or video guidance, advice and support to directors, managers and HR/People team members regarding employee mental health queries or issues as well as any personal or work-related challenges which may impact their own wellbeing.

We are also able to include your MHFAiders, so they too have the essential professional support needed when helping others in difficulty or crisis.

Mental Health Consultancy

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We understand that you have your unique set of circumstances, objectives, challenges and resources.   We keep this in mind when we help you assess your workplace mental health needs.

We aim to work collaboratively with you to ensure that you:

  • Meet your legal duty to protect employees from stress
  • Implement a robust mental health strategy
  • Create a workplace environment that helps employees thrive
  • Successfully support Managers & Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA)
  • Adapt your wellbeing strategies to meet the changing needs of your organisation

 We also ensure that your current wellbeing services and benefit are seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive Wellbeing Strategy.

Wellness Chats

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This is our most popular service!  

Wellness Chats are brief, private and confidential 30-minute wellbeing conversations with an experienced counsellor which empower employees to effectively address specific issues or life challenges early on. For this reason, they are a helpful prevention and early intervention tool.

Wellness chats are also designed to identify early warning signs of mental ill health and to refer employees to the most appropriate support service available to them such as their GP, a company EAP or a psychological specialist such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Wellbeing Webinars

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Our Wellbeing webinars are tailored to meet the needs of your employees and organisation.  Topics addressed are based on psychological principles, evidence-based research and ethical practice and are delivered by our specialist occupational counsellor- trainer.

We use an interactive and facilitative teaching style that aims to draw on the existing knowledge and experience of delegates whilst building on that knowledge and respecting each individual’s privacy, dignity and personal preferences. 

All of our webinars include Wellness Chats (hyperlink to wellness chats) free of charge for up to one month from the date of delivery. 

Mental Health Workshops

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Our stress management and anxiety management workshops are designed to enable delegates to learn evidence based  techniques shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels.  

These sessions are delivered by our occupational counsellor-trainer who has hands on experience working therapeutically with stress and anxiety issues. 

Delegates will receive a workbook and exercises to enhance their learning experience.

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